Saturday, January 30, 2010

Penciltutor T-Shirt

Hi Everyone...

After much designing and brainstorming, this is the final design of the Penciltutor T-Shirt. We are currently negotiating the price with the printers...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Tips on Retaking your 'O' Levels

1. Prepare your Mind
If you have not done well and you know that your results do not show your true potential, it is okay to retake your 'O' Levels. Do not rush and take up a course at the JC, Polytechnic or ITE when you have no passion for that particular course. Don't sacrifice your entire life trying to save just one year.

2. Plan your Finances
Check that you have sufficient funds to register for the subjects you intend to retake and to attend a private school.

3. Register your Subjects
Next choose the subjects you want to retake. You can register for the subjects online at the SEAB website by clicking here. There is a fee to be paid for each subject you choose to retake. Private schools can help you in this process.

4. Choosing a Private School
Be honest to yourself. If your grades are not good, YOU NEED HELP!!!

Maybe it is your study method, question answering strategy or exam time management. A good school can work with you on your weaknesses and help you ace your 'O' Levels.

Choosing a good school is crucial and here are some pointers:

Credibility: Check that the school you wish to enroll in is registered with the Ministry of Education or the Council for Private Education (CPE). You can do so by clicking HERE.

Cost: Some private schools require you to pay the full fees for the whole course upfront. Some allow you to pay in 3 or 4 installments while others accept monthly payment.

Class size: Some private schools offer very cheap fees. Don't be fooled by such gimmicks. The class size might be very large like 30 to 40 students. The larger the class size, the lesser the time the teacher has to focus on your weaknesses.

Useful Information: Besides your course fees, some schools also require you to pay for material and registration/administration fees. Also, check that the school provides its own worksheets and practice papers.

5. NS Deferment
Male private candidates need to ensure that the school they enrol in allows them to apply for NS deferment. Students can check the schools name in the list provided on MINDEF's website at when they login.

6. EZ-LINK card
Travelling to and fro from your private school without a student pass can add on to your financial burden. Check whether the private school of your choice is able to apply for a EZ-LINK card and what their requirements may be.

7. Work and Study
Some students take up part-time jobs to ease their financial load. Although it is understandable why they may need to work while they study, it is not advisable. It requires a lot of energy and working usually drains you physically and mentally.

8. Don't Delay
If you know you need help and are able to afford a private school, don't hesitate. The longer you delay, the more risky it gets. Good private schools have a well planned curriculum which will make your 'O' Level experience a breeze.