Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Penciltutor student on the Straits Times

Angela joined Penciltutor in 2003. She was one of our first batch of students. A very self-motivated student who never missed any classes. Its been 6 years now and she still keeps in touch with us!

"Go ahead! give it a try! you will definitely find something different about Penciltutor®."

Angela, 17
Class of '03

Penciltutor turns 7 years old this year!!!

A big hello to all past and current students of Penciltutor. Penciltutor turns 7 years old this October'09. We have come across multiple challenges and changes in these past 7 years. Did you guys know that we were called Penciltutor Tuition Centre intially and then changed our name to Penciltutor Private School and then became Penciltutor School Pte.Ltd. in 2006. This was the signage we had when we were Penciltutor Tuition Centre back in 2002.